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Dixon Financial Group

Dixon Financial Group

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Our LPL Financial Advisors are well-versed in Retirement and Estate Planning and Tax Planning Investing. With millions of dollars effectively managed in retirement accounts and most of our clients either approaching or enjoying retirement, Dixon Financial Group (DFG) assists clients in creating income streams and reducing retirement planning disasters. DFG's investment approach is radically different in that we suggest investing to pursue a mix of different income streams. You want income you can reinvest, not complexity. DFG assists clients in reducing retirement planning issues by implementing retirement account distribution strategies designed to preserve and grow wealth for individuals and their families.

David is a member of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group. This group is comprised of financial professionals dedicated to the IRA industry. As a member of this group, he has access to training modules, bi-annual workshops, and regular webinars to further his knowledge and better serve clients. This group is not affiliated with LPL Financial and is by invitation only to financial professionals.

Whether you are approaching retirement or are already retired, DFG can assist you in choosing the strategies and investments that are right for you. This website contains multimedia presentations and interactive tools that offer a quality learning experience, where you will learn about retirement income strategies.

Dixon Financial Group, LLC provides independent financial and retirement planning services through LPL Financial.