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Each connection Dixon Financial Group, LLC has, forms a link to create a chain that contributes to our outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Having access to LPL Financial adds another link that allows us to provide our clients with a quality experience.

David Dixon, Morgan Baum, and Jacob Bierstedt have collectively partnered with LPL Financial for over 20 years. The longevity of their relationship with LPL proves that David, Morgan, and Jacob stand by the products and services LPL Financial offers.

LPL Financial is an industry leader in the financial services industry founded in 1989. LPL Financial is ranked 466 out of 500 on the Fortune 500 List.

LPL Financial is the #1 Independent Broker-Dealer in the United States, with over 18,000 financial professionals and over 800 financial institution partners, as reported by Financial Planning magazine, 1996-2022, based on total revenue.

David, Morgan, and Jacob chose to partner with LPL Financial because LPL allows them the flexibility to strive to meet their client's needs without being pressured into proprietary products. They have access to a breadth of investment strategies. These include mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, alternative investments, and fee-based investment management programs, which can be custom tailored to each client.

A chain is only as strong as its links, and we consider LPL Financial a vital link.

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