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Why We Do It


At Dixon Financial Group, LLC, we have a dual mission.  First we assist our clients work towards Accumulating, Preserving and Protecting Wealth.  Second, we assist our clients in seeking to Avoid Retirement Planning Disasters.

These two objectives go hand in hand.  One can be successful at building wealth over time by consistently saving and investing with quality investment managers.  But, when it comes to utilizing that wealth for retirement income purposes, passing retirement assets on to heirs, or moving retirement assets from one account to another, significant tax losses and penalties can occur if things are not handled properly. At the Dixon Financial Group, we strive to avoid disasters such as these.

Business Philosophy

Investing and retirement planning can be complicated and confusing.  We work to dispel the myths associated with these subjects and provide a realistic view that is clear and understandable and we have a systematic process that is designed to address risk tolerance. 

Our investment philosophy centers on pursuing “real returns”.  We believe in investing with the goal of achieving a mix of different income streams as opposed to chasing phantom appreciation. You want income you can reinvest, not complexity.  We define a “real return” as income. We strive to provide income from as many sources as possible including, “interest income, dividend income and rent income.” When income is received and reinvested, it provides an opportunity to grow one's income over time. Growth of one’s assets is also important, but we try not to chase appreciation which is often difficult to capitalize on. Prior to making any investment decisions, we require our clients to answer this question, “What is the purpose of this money?”. Once that is defined and understood, we work to provide recommendations that may have the best possible opportunity to meet the purpose outlined. We understand that money you invest is your money, not ours. Your interests and needs come first.

It is the goal of most people, to accumulate wealth as well as create various sources of income. This is desired in order to provide for self-reliant and stable living. It is also the goal of most people, to preserve their savings and investments from loss that can come from a variety of sources, including, market volatility, confiscatory taxes, or bad decisions which often occurs due to a lack of information or understanding. It is our objective to seek first to understand and second to be understood.


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