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Celebrating Older Americans Month with Peace of Mind: The Importance of Estate Planning

Celebrating Older Americans Month with Peace of Mind: The Importance of Estate Planning

May 16, 2024

Happy Older Americans Month!!!

Disclaimer: Before we go any further, DFG is not calling anyone 'Old,' but when you turn 55, you have entered the 'Senior Citizen' stage of life. Even though they say the 70s are the new 60s and the 60s are the new 50s, for some reason, 55 remains the age at which you become a senior citizen. Go figure! Now, back to our blog.

May is Older Americans Month, a time to honor the incredible contributions of our senior citizens (55+, according to Google search). At Dixon Financial Group, we recognize the importance of securing a bright future for this generation.

Estate planning is crucial for everyone but becomes essential as we age. A well-crafted estate plan ensures your wishes are carried out after you're gone, minimizing stress and confusion for your loved ones during a difficult time.

Here are some key aspects of estate planning to consider during Older Americans Month (or any month!):

  • Review and Update Existing Documents: Have you drafted a will or established a trust? May is a great time to dust off these documents and ensure they reflect your wishes. Life circumstances change, and your estate plan should, too.
  • Beneficiary Check-up: Life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other assets often have designated beneficiaries. Double-check that your beneficiaries are still who you want them to be, especially if you've experienced life changes like marriage, divorce, or grandchildren.
  • Introduce Your Beneficiaries: Consider introducing your beneficiaries to your financial advisor. This open communication fosters trust and understanding of your financial goals and wishes.

At Dixon Financial Group, we're passionate about empowering older adults to navigate their financial futures confidently. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that retirees and those nearing retirement face.

Our team of experienced advisors can guide you through the estate and retirement planning process, answer your questions, and provide peace of mind.

Let May be the month you take charge of your future. Contact Dixon Financial Group today to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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If thinking about being 55+ has got you down, this may turn that frown upside down. Read on...

Setting: Two friends, Betty and Mike, bump into each other at the store. They are there to take advantage of their 'senior discount.' It's May, Older Americans Month.

Betty: Mike! Happy Older Americans Month! Feeling spry for, well, you know... our age?

Mike: (Sighs dramatically) Don't even get me started, Betty. I just turned 55, and suddenly, the AARP mail is flooding in. Senior discounts here, bingo nights there -  It feels like they're shoving us into rocking chairs before we can even finish our morning coffee!

Betty: (Chuckles) I hear you, Mike. On the bright side, it's a good time to think about some things. Like estate and retirement planning?

Mike: (Eyes widen) Betty, you're reading my mind! Between the AARP and the fact my knees sound like Rice Krispies after a jog, I was thinking the same thing.

Betty: Well, why not celebrate Older Americans Month by getting ahead of the curve? I hear Dixon Financial Group has fantastic advisors specializing in financial and estate planning.

Mike: Dixon Financial Group, huh? That is a good idea. They could help me figure out how to leave my grandkids enough for a decent college education without leaving them the bill from all the 'senior discount' purchases I really don't need, but, hey, I got a good deal. (Laughs) Kidding aside, I will call Dixon Financial Group; estate and retirement planning are just what I need.

Betty: (Laughs) Now that's the spirit, Mike! Happy Older Americans Month, and here's to planning for a bright future! And remember, Mike, 55 is the new 35; I hope that helps. (Grinning)

Mike: If that's true, someone needs to let AARP know! (Mike and Betty Laugh, and we hope you did too)

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