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Do You Have The Key? | What is a Financial Planner?

Do You Have The Key? | What is a Financial Planner?

January 26, 2023

What is a Financial Planner

Comprehensive Financial Planning is simply a better approach to getting trusted financial advice. The process involves taking a holistic view of your finances, including a complete understanding of your goals and values and addressing your current and future concerns. Having this information assists your trusted financial professional create and then propose recommendations designed explicitly for you.

Financial planning will address the following:

  • Where is my money, where is it going, and is it in the right place?
  • How much should I save to meet my objectives, and where should the funds go?
  • Am I prepared for unanticipated risks?
  • Am I on track to meet my financial goals?
  • What Can I do to improve my financial future?

Who should have a Financial Plan

Are you a planner or a non-planner?

Non-planners typically save when they can; perhaps they save into the company-sponsored retirement plan to get a matching contribution. The hope is that, over the long term, everything will work itself out.

Planners generally want more details about where they are saving and how much they should save to meet their goals and objectives confidently. They don’t want to hope for a secure future; they want to make it happen.

If you fall under the planner description, you should engage in Financial Planning. Only 33% of Americans have a written financial plan, according to Schwab’s 2021 Modern Wealth Survey. In a recent study, 83% of people with a written financial plan feel better about their finances after just one year.

We cannot leave out the non-planners; a financial professional can take the reigns to guide you to retirement and beyond. No one likes experiencing not having enough, whether that may be food, toys, cars, homes, and, very importantly, money. With enough money, the items mentioned above are more accessible. Once you retire, you need an income flow; proper planning is the πŸ”‘ to unlocking the πŸšͺto your retirement goals.

If you want to learn more about Financial Planning and how we can help you develop your unique plan, please reach out to the Dixon Financial Group Team at 702.982.2479.

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David S. Dixon, CFP®