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EXTRA! EXTRA!  Read All About It!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

May 27, 2022

 Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Press Release

Local CFP® David S. Dixon Completes Advanced Training from

America’s IRA Professionals at Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Las Vegas, NV – May 27, 2022 – David S. Dixon, CFP®, President of Dixon Financial Group, LLC completed his semiannual training with America’s IRA Professionals at Ed Slott and Company, LLC by participating in a workshop that took place May 12-14, 2022. The invite-only workshop was attended by members of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM; it provided in-depth technical training on advanced retirement account planning strategies, tax law changes and estate planning techniques. The workshop also featured a detailed look at the regulations recently released by the IRS in 2022 that provide guidance on many parts of the SECURE Act, which was signed into law December 2019.

“It’s been more than two years since the SECURE Act ushered in a new era of retirement planning laws, and we only just received clarity from the IRS to help answer our most pressing questions since the retirement planning landscape was turned on its head,” said Ed Slott, CPA, founder of Ed Slott and Company, AARP columnist, Professor of Practice at The American College of Financial Services® and nationally recognized IRA professional. “From surprising new details on the 10-year rule to clarity on which beneficiaries still qualify for a stretch IRA, this latest information from the IRS proves, yet again, just how important it is to be working with a financial professional who is up-to-speed on the latest retirement planning laws and strategies,” he continued. “I commend Dixon for continuously prioritizing his education throughout this ever-changing retirement planning landscape. He is going above and beyond to deliver informed and accurate financial guidance to his clients in a time when it’s needed most. With this ongoing training, Dixon can offer the latest insight on any necessary updates one may need now and into the future.”

Training highlights from this event include:

  • A review of the SECURE Act’s impact on both spouse and non-spouse beneficiaries and planning techniques for each
  • A look at 72(t) payments including planning options, rules and methods
  • A 2022 tax update overview including a look at the IRS’s new tax tables and retirement plan contribution limits.

The workshop also included an in-depth look at the IRS’s proposed SECURE Act regulations that provide guidance on many parts of the law, including eligible designated beneficiaries (EDBs) with explanations and examples, determining the eligibility of EDBs, successor beneficiaries with explanation and examples, the impact of SECURE Act regulations on trusts and examples, and more. Guest speaker Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP® also gave a special presentation on estate planning themes for 2022 and beyond, while guest speaker Shannon L. Evans, J.D., presented on strategies to avoid estate tax disasters and family feuds. Members of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM also reviewed relevant, advanced case studies and private letter rulings.

Training was provided by Ed Slott and Company’s team of retirement experts, including Ed Slott, CPA; Sarah Brenner, JD; Andy Ives, CFP®, AIF®; Ian Berger, JD; and Shannon Evans, Esq. Ed Slott and Company and many of the advisors in Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM are the go-to resources for attorneys, CPAs and other financial advisors because of their intimate knowledge and advanced expertise in all areas of retirement accounts and distribution planning. This workshop also provided approved continuing education (CE) credits through The American College, CFP® Board, IRS and NASBA for retirement savings and income planning, federal tax law topics, general financial education, and accounting.

Members of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM have year-round access to Ed Slott and Company’s team of retirement professionals for consultation on a variety of advanced planning topics. This group is comprised of financial professionals dedicated to the IRA industry. As a member of this group, we have access to training modules and workshops to further our knowledge on the topic to better serve our clients. This group is not affiliated with LPL Financial and is by invitation only to financial professionals.

“Retirement planning laws and regulations are ever-changing and now, with talks of the so-called ‘SECURE Act 2.0’ making its way through Congress, we can anticipate ever more changes in the near future,” said Dixon. “Through my membership with Ed Slott and Company, I am confident in my abilities to serve the best interests of my clients as news continues to break, always equipped with the latest retirement planning strategies and back-office support team.”

“With ongoing changes to the laws, policies and regulations surrounding retirement planning it’s crucial for people to work with a financial professional who commits to ongoing education and maintaining the knowledge required to guide their clients through this new retirement planning era,” said Slott. “Advisors who fail to invest in their own education may make costly and irreversible mistakes on behalf of their clients. Our mission is to educate advisors so that they can help their clients make informed decisions about their financial futures.”  

Dixon can be contacted for more information on IRA and retirement-related questions. Please visit or call 702-982-2479.

ABOUT DAVID DIXON AND DIXON FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC - Mr. Dixon has been a Certified Financial Planner TM for over 30 years.  He founded Dixon Financial Group, LLC in 2004.  Mr. Dixon helps his clients pursue streams of income and reduce retirement disasters through proper planning and the management of retirement resources.  The vast majority of his clients are retired or nearly retired.  He has been a member Ed Slott's Master Elite Advisor Group SM for over 10 years.  He is a Registered Principal with LPL Financial.  He holds Series 6, 7, 22, 24, 26, 63 and 65 securities registrations through LPL Financial and is licensed in 37 states.  He also holds a life, health, variable annuity, and variable life insurance licenses. 

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