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Family 'Matters' | In Case of an Emergency

Family 'Matters' | In Case of an Emergency

August 03, 2023

No one wants to think about the possibility of an emergency, but it's essential to prepare. If something happens to you, your family must know how to access your financial information and make financial decisions. Having all your critical documents and information in one place is a good start. Here is a short list of what should be included:

  • Your contact information, including your email address, phone number, and mailing address.
  • The location of your important financial documents, such as your Social Security card, birth certificate, and will.
  • The names and contact information of your financial advisor, insurance agent, and lawyer.
  • The passwords to your online accounts include your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and investment accounts.
  • Your wishes for how your finances should be handled in the event of your death.

Putting all this information in a safe place, such as a fireproof safe or a safety deposit box, is a good idea. You can also create a financial power of attorney, giving someone else the authority to make financial decisions if you cannot.

The Dixon Financial Group, LLC, LPL Financial advisors can play a valuable role in an emergency. We can help your family access your investment information, guide your family while making decisions about your finances, help carry out your wishes, and provide emotional support and guidance during difficult times.

Consider working with a financial advisor if you do not have one. Our LPL Financial advisors can help you create a comprehensive financial plan that includes provisions in the event of an emergency. We can also help you stay on track with your financial goals and help ensure that your finances are in order.

By preparing for an emergency, you can help your family make it through a difficult time. By giving your family access to your financial information and giving them the authority to make decisions on your behalf, you can help ensure that your finances are handled the way you want. 

Contact the DFG team today to schedule a complimentary consultation, and you will receive the "In Case of Emergency Guidebook" and supporting information; copies are limited, so please call today. Taking these steps today can help ensure your family is prepared to handle an emergency in the future. The DFG team wants to help.

This new series, Family 'Matters', will cover topics that need to be discussed with family or a trusted contact. Please help others by sharing this information.

David S. Dixon, CFP®

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