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Check It Out | You MAY Benefit From Having a Financial Advisor!

Check It Out | You MAY Benefit From Having a Financial Advisor!

April 04, 2024

There are a couple of reasons why relationships with financial professionals can lead to better financial health in retirement:

Financial Planning and Expertise:

  • Creating a roadmap: Financial professionals help you develop a personalized retirement plan considering your income, expenses, risk tolerance, and goals. This plan acts as a roadmap, guiding your saving, investment, and claiming decisions throughout your working years.
  • Investment knowledge: They have the experience to navigate the often complex investment landscape. Based on your risk profile, they can recommend suitable investment vehicles and help you build a diversified portfolio for long-term growth.
  • Social Security strategies: As we saw in the blog about claiming age, Social Security decisions can significantly impact your retirement income. Financial professionals can guide you through the complexities of Social Security claiming strategies to maximize your benefits.

Education and Support:

  • Overcoming biases: We all have financial biases that can lead to suboptimal decisions. Financial professionals can help you identify these biases and make choices based on logic and long-term goals, not emotions.
  • Staying disciplined: Saving consistently and sticking to your investment plan can be challenging. A financial advisor can provide ongoing education and motivate you toward retirement goals.
  • Managing emotional reactions: Market fluctuations and economic downturns can trigger emotional responses that might lead to rash decisions. Financial professionals can help you stay calm, avoid impulsive actions, and maintain a long-term perspective.

Accountability and Monitoring:

  • Regular reviews: Financial professionals recommend scheduling regular meetings to review your plan, adjust it based on life changes, and ensure you're on track.
  • Performance monitoring: They can monitor your investments and adjust as needed to optimize your portfolio's performance.
  • Staying informed: They update you on relevant financial news, tax law changes, and other factors that might impact your retirement planning.

Our Dixon Financial Group, LLC advisors act as guides, coaches, and sounding boards throughout your retirement journey. Our expertise, ongoing support, and monitoring can significantly improve your chances of a financially secure and comfortable retirement.

You may have noticed that a few of our recent blogs touch on working with a financial professional. I am not writing this blog solely to promote Dixon Financial Group but to open your minds to the benefits of having an advisor. As the graph shows, a distinct difference exists between having and not having a financial advisor. Whether you use DFG or another firm, we want you to be educated, and I hope our blogs on this subject have done just that.

Please contact our office for more information; we are ready to help.

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