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Girls Just Want To Have "Fund$"

Girls Just Want To Have "Fund$"

March 08, 2023

March is dedicated to "Women," so let's honor the WOMEN we have known; we do know and will hopefully know.

This one is for you!


Here are a few reasons why you may not be working with a financial advisor.

  • Married, and your spouse handles the finances.
  • You think you need more money to need an advisor.
  • Not sure if you can trust someone with your financial questions.
  • Widowed and were never introduced to an advisor.
  • Not enough knowledge about investing, saving, and finance.
  • Money isn't all that important.

 Here are a few strategies.

  • Married, working women could benefit from professional guidance. Your financial profile may differ from your spouse's, but working with an advisor together could have optimal results.
  • Whether you are married or single, the amount of money you make should not keep you from seeking the advice of an advisor. An advisor can help you plan for retirement, so your income stream will continue after retirement.
  • If trust is an issue, ask friends, coworkers, family, etc., if they can recommend a financial advisor. Once you meet with the referred advisor, use your "womanly intuition" to judge whether this advisor is right for you. If the answer is "NO," then move on to the next recommended advisor. Sidenote: Finding the right financial advisor is like finding the perfect hair stylist; you will know when it is right.
  • As a widow, you can feel alone; the person you trusted and depended on is gone. Widows now have ALL the financial responsibility, and this can be overwhelming. Finding a trustworthy financial advisor is essential. When ready, meet with an advisor; if your spouse has an advisor, start there, and build that relationship and trust (for support, take a family member or friend with you). If you don't "click" with this advisor, find one you do "click" with. Sidenote: Meeting with the family's existing advisor before something happens is a good start.
  • Do not let the feeling of not knowing enough keep you from working with an advisor. A good advisor will educate you, so there is no mystery. Not to say you will completely understand everything, but you should have working knowledge as long as your advisor does their job.
  • Your life may not revolve around money, but money is needed, especially when you retire and still need a steady income. A financial advisor helps you create a plan to have income streams after retirement.

If you fall into one or more of the abovementioned categories, the Dixon Financial Group team would be honored to work alongside you BECAUSE Girls DO Just Want To Have Fund$! If you are a current client, we thank you for your loyalty, and we hope you know we are always here for you.

Sidenote: A great way to honor the women in your life is to introduce them to YOUR financial advisor so they can have the same experience. Thank you in advance!

The DFG Team