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When the Celebration Ends | The Resolutions Begin

When the Celebration Ends | The Resolutions Begin

December 29, 2022

Out with the old...Year! In with the new...Resolutions!

A new year is around the corner. It is hard to believe that 2020 has come and gone, as well as 2021 and now 2022. Where did the time go? Many are happy to have these past couple of years behind them. But now we ask, "What does 2023 have in store?" The words "Recession" and "Bear Market" are bounced around in the news when forecasting 2023. Is this really what we have to look forward to in the coming year? 

Here are two words that will have more impact on your financial life and life in general in 2023 and beyond. The first is "Patience." Why patience, you ask? It is a word that is easier to say than to act out. As an adult, we can easily communicate to a child, "Wait your turn," "Sit still," or "You don't need that right now," but as an adult, when told to do the same thing, we look at the person with wide eyes and proclaim, "What do you mean; I do want it now, and I don't want to wait!" Having patience as an investor is key to a successful outcome. During those "Bear Market" times or a pending "Recession" and you can't sit still, that is when you reach out to Dixon Financial Group, so we can let you know, "It is going to be, Ok," "You got this," "We are a team with the same goal,"; what is that goal; your financial stability. 

The Second word is "Time." Not the time of day but time overall. As an investor, you have to give income growth time. Start early in life, so your investments have time to grow. Take your Social Security Benefits at the right time to maximize your benefits. Time plays a crucial role in investing, which continues well beyond the day you retire.

Have you thought about your New Year's Resolutions for 2023? Let me suggest two. Practice patience and let time work for you and remember my staff and I are here for you when patience is not working, or you feel there is not enough time.

Please click on the title "IRA New Year's Resolutions" below for more must-do resolutions.


My staff and I have enjoyed working with you this past year and look forward to practicing patience with you and taking advantage of time in the coming year.

Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!

David, Jacob, Autumn, and Tami

FYI: The link below, the "2022 Year-End Checklist", is a great tool to prepare you for 2023.